About Linux…

Linux is an open-source operating system that is generally available for free and can be used to run most computers, including Dell’s PCs.However, Dell does not break out how much it charges for Windows when it calculates the cost of a computer system.
The only operating system that Dell currently offers on its PCs is Microsoft’s (Charts) Windows. It also sells high-end Linux desktops designed specifically for use in oil and gas exploration.

Making Linux available on other Dell PCs has been the top request since the Web site was launched on Feb. 16, according to data posted on the site, as of Tuesday evening.

The second most popular request was that Dell offer another popular free software title, OpenOffice, which competes with Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


LINUX rules! And will conquer the IT world from Microsoft!

Well, LINUX is a very big threat for Microsoft, in my own opinion based on my experiences… After experiencing the “real power” of linux, that big company (?), hmmmm… (na ngayon napakaliit na ng tingin ko…) will surely pay for what they did, sooner or later! (monopoly). This is the reality… The truth behind the computer world.

Go LINUX!!! Conquer the world of IT! Let us all support the world of OpenSource worlwide! I’m proud to be one of the LINUX users here in the Philippines! The real and only one “AZTIG”…

That’s all! GOD bless us all!

You may download Bayanihan Linux 4 at http://www.bayanihan.gov.ph Philippines own Operating System! Why use other Linux distributions or Windows Operating Systems? We have our own!