Technicians’ Essay…


Explain how Computer Networking helps us to our daily tasks, and tell why it is important.


Explain how digital electronics (computers, cellphones, etc.) change/touch our lifestyles.

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  1. theres nothing i can do!!!!!In my own opinion computer networking is a high quality and good standard can use it to share your files and communicate to others example chating and blogs.

  2. Networking is very important because you can use everyday and you can enjoy.Example chating,games,enternet.ect….
    Networking can learn your self because you can share a file
    on pc to have a work group name and IP address….u can share a file…..Networking is can help me because I learn to share a folder,file permisions.


    Explain how Computer Networking helps us to our daily tasks, and tell why it is important.


    For me as a student and a student assistant, There are 3 factors to consider in networking..

    -1st offcourse you can save time and effort when it comes to sharing our files, documents, spreadsheets etc..It will lessen our work when “work cramming is in the air” and simply accessing your documents in other pc’s as well..

    -2nd Networking makes our work easier and better. Unlike before that we don’t have to save it in our diskettes, stand up, and put our diskettes in other workstation’s. Thanks to the power of FILE SHARING..

    -and lastly offcourse networking saves the day ooopppsss 🙂 i mean our money..

    I remember 2 years ago when I was a student in my previous school in Pasay. I almost lost half of my “baon” just to print my documents in computer technology stupid student that I am that I DON’T even know how to connect to other pc’s even though Im a computer course student. Thats why networking is very important especially when you are working in an office like environment. again networking saves……


    Philippine Open Source College
    “Learning without Barriers/Technology without Borders”

    Norman M. Maravilla

  4. Explain how Computer Networking helps us to our daily tasks, and tell why it is important.

    It help us to fast our work. Networking are changing the way we teach, learn, do business, and communicate with each other. It can communicate with one computer to another computer Ex. Games, it should help to play and fight for the character what it is. You should do as one computer if they have a networking you do not save it on the flash drive and transfer to the server like printing if you have not a networking you must have a flash drive to print your file so many hours that you spend, if you have networking you must save your file at your computer that you use and go to the server and of course you print it. For your business its very successful for what you can do because you not spend your time and you not delay.


    Explain how digital electronics (computers, cellphones, etc.) change/touch our lifestyles


    I can say that the technology today is quite fascinating because of some evolution that has been already acquired since human race invented items such as sharp stones for them to cut their prey, cooking materials like sandoc made from the skull of a coconout and lastly “watches..” Yes! watches! a long time ago people used to collect 12 pieces of stones and placed them under the heat of the sun for them to see what the time is and I believe that design is called an analog design.. ( correct me if Im wrong )..
    But that time having a BIG watch makes you sick.. because people that time used to go back in a particular place where pieces of stones were assembled in a circle formation.. and I dont think you are going to waste your time if youre in a date 🙂 and I think thats the time people realizes they need to constrcuct a wrist watch and bring along with them

    and around 10-20 years before people used to write a letter to send someone of his whaereabouts and I can’t imagine living at that time… Its too obvious that it took months just to recieve the letter.. Thank you for the technology nowadays.. People around 20th century did invented a device that they can use and satisfy thier needs.. Its the Cellphone.. Im amazed that I already saw the livng evidence of human technology.. We can send pictures, simple messages, qoutations and many more.. Thats why digital electronics is known for its devices.. We dont have to wait for months just to recive a letter coming from the ship vessel because we already have a device that we can use to reach them out even if they are thousands of miles away from us..

    Philippine Open Source College
    “Learning without Barriers/Technology without Borders”

    Norman M. Maravilla

  6. networking is important to our daily task.because,there is more to networking than greeting people.for example.try networking groups meeting.for those of us in lease purchasing we network with real state agents,acountants,financial planners,and amultitude of others.and also.chambers of commerce,tenant associations and networking clubs offer opportunities for you to meet and greet.look for the groups in your area.many times your local paper has a certain day of the week that lists all of these types of meetings.if you dont see it,call your paper and ask about it……….”/;

  7. Explain how digital electronics (computers, cellphones, etc.) change/touch our lifestyles.

    Because it help us to communicate for our Family and other we love. Like what do think of this day its very technical its very easy to communicate with the others. Like 1970’s or 80’s the electronics has been move forward for the future use, now we accept that, liwise the walkie talkie we say if the other side is finish to talk.
    If you have a cell phone, you can take it into restaurants and make calls and speak loudly while you are there, so everybody can hear you. Be sure to drop a lot of cool sounding names, and talk about how somebody needs your help, and somebody else wants you to do some important job, and how you traveled to some exciting place.
    Also the computer last a few years we use typ writer to type what we type now its so high tech, we can search what we want, we can play music and also all the information is in the computer.If it was’t for computer there would still be a lot of hidden information, people woul not get to communicate so easy, fast and efficiently, hopwever it is not like that because of computer we now get previllage of al these things.

  8. Arvin John O. Villavicencio.

    A computer network is very very import to all many computers because in networking you can communicate, share our message, files, folder, can games,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Then Network administrators often have different views of their networks…………………….(^,^)

    Users share printers and some servers form a workgroup, which usually means they are in the same geographic location and are on the same LAN, and You can try to use Net meeting to present you like to presents, and use chatting……………

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